We JYMMiN'ize music.
Making it interactive.
For everyone.

JYMMiN is a new technology and a new training concept that merges musically expressive perfor-mance with physical exercise.

JYMMiN – where music meets motion.

JYMMiN through scientific validation maximizes effects of music during physical effort:
  • decreases pain and subjective effort during training
  • increases motivation, mood and fun
  • increases physiological muscle efficiency and performance (endurance, speed)
  • increases attentional and creative cognitive capacities
Establishing musical fitness culture through technology and scientific guidance.
JYMMiN” takes us back to our origins when music making and physical work were often intertwined. Music and physical exertion traditionally was strongly linked, both in traditional and in Western societies, in so-called work songs.
We have recreated this experience in an exercise system, which can be performed individually or in groups.
A novel form of musical performance, enabled by innovative music-making technology allows for the embodiment of musical creativity through exercise.
The benefits of musical-feedback-training in comparison to conventional motor learning are likely to be a consequence of musical expression drawing partly on motor processes that we also use for communication, which are not exclusively under deliberate control, but to substantial degree involve emotional motor control.
There is also scientific evidence that JYMMiN very effectively engages endorphin, a cognitive feel-good neuro-transmitter system strongly related to endurance.

The JYMMiN Plattform

Accessing the potential of music euphoria.

At JYMMiN, we aim to rediscover socio-culturally forgotten positive interaction effects between music and exertion to the benefit of modern society. Through the scientifically validated creative musical immersion technology we can show that JYMMiN training contributes to:
“Runner’s high” during any type of exercise & reduction in perceived exertion
Decrease in pain and anxiety. Increased self confidence.
Aesthetical positivity bias - enhanced musical enjoyment via JYMMiN.
We have built significant traction by JYMMiN'ize rehabilitation therapy devices. From there we will scale into Fitness, Music & Lifestyle consumer markets
The foundation to support different market applications is rooted in the solid scientifically validated technology platform, which allows flexible business model adaptation and B2B, B2C user customization.
Taking the diverse application and market adaptation into account, we are developing technology and business opportunities which enables our partners and customers to offer novel forms of therapy, training and music.



The rehabilitation market will address rehabilitation patients from elderly to people with sport injuries. Close collaboration with doctors and physiotherapists are essential.

Fitness & Gym


The fitness and gym market, covering training programs for elite sports professionals to the every-day trainer and specialty fitness.

Where music meets motion

Music &

Smart and adaptive music application creating new music culture.

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The team

Who we are

Professionals with innovative mindsets and experiences in software and hardware development, neuroscience, rehabilitation and business.
Portrait of Prof. Dr. Thomas Fritz
Prof. Dr. Thomas Fritz
Founder & Chief Scientific Officer
Scientist, inventor, founder, Harvard Medical School (visiting scientist), group leader at Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, guest professor for empirical music research at the Institute for Psychoacoustics and Electronic Music in Ghent.
Portrait of Moritz Wehmeier
Moritz Wehmeier
Chief Executive Officer
Serial entrepreneur in FitTech and lifestyle with work experience as scientific expert at Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Master of Science in Sports Management at University Leipzig
Portrait of Eric Busch
Eric Busch
Chief Technology Officer
Audio-software programmer and composer, with a strong musical understanding, designing and linking JYMMiN’s software music-feedback-engine with sensor inputs.
Portrait of Alexander Mokrusch
Alexander Mokrusch
Chief Financial Officer
Fitness and hospitality entrepreneur with international experience in the German and American markets. Having held various senior positions in the premium fitness world. University educated in Business Management, UK (BSc.) and Health & Prevention, GER. (MSc.).
Portrait of Lydia Schneider
Lydia Schneider
Psychologist Lead
Trained psychologist and licensed psychotherapist, doing her PhD at MPI CBS. With expertise is study design and statistical analysis, Lydia is key to understanding the connection and benefit between JYMMiN-training and outcome.
Portrait of Dr. Daniel Hahne
Dr. Daniel Hahne
Software Specialist
Physicist, bioinformatician and software guru with an affinity for music, technology hacks and complicated challenges.

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The advisory board

our supporters

Portrait of Karl Ferdinand Prinz von Thurn und Taxis
Karl Ferdinand Prinz von Thurn und Taxis
Strategic Advisor Expert healthcare Advisor to the healthcare industry
Portrait of Prof. Dr. Med. Thomas Mokrusch
Prof. Dr. Med. Thomas Mokrusch
Scientific Advisor Expert Neurology, Psychology Advisor German Neurology Council
Portrait of Dr. Thomas Thestrup
Dr. Thomas Thestrup
Co-founder & Board member Dr. rer. nat from Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology, Venture Capitalist from Sunstone Capital and Business Development Director at UCB Pharma and Lundbeck A/S