Establishing musical fitness culture through technology and scientific guidance

Jymmin is a new technology and a new training concept that merges musically expressive performance with physical exercise. “Jymmin” takes us back to our origins when music making and physical work were often intertwined. Music and physical exertion traditionally was strongly linked, both in traditional and in Western societies, in so-called work songs. We have recreated this experience in an exercise system, which can be performed individually or in groups. A novel form of musical performance, enabled by innovative music-making technology allows for the embodiment of musical creativity through exercise. The benefits of musical-feedback-training in comparison to conventional motor learning are likely to be a consequence of musical expression drawing partly on motor processes that we also use for communication, which are not exclusively under deliberate control, but to substantial degree involve emotional motor control. There is also scientific evidence that Jymmin very effectively engages endorphin, a cognitive feel-good neuro-transmitter system strongly related to endurance.

"Jymmin let’s you combine your workout with music in a way you haven’t experienced before. You will gain more motivation and feel less pain and fatigue."


At Jymmin, we aim to rediscover socio-culturally forgotten positive interaction effects between music and exertion to the benefit of modern society. Through the scientifically validated creative musical immersion technology we can show that Jymmin training contributes to:

1) “Runner’s high” during any type of exercise
2) Dramatic reduction in perceived exertion
3) Decrease in pain
4) Decrease in anxiety
5) Increased self confidence
6) Positivity bias of the aesthetical musical quality when creating music yourself during Jymmin (it’s perceived as more beautiful)

Based on these findings we are convinced that the Jymmin concept will translate into overlapping and differentiated market opportunities and possibly a completely novel form of training. The foundation to support a differentiated market approach is rooted in the solid scientifically validated technology platform, which allows for flexible market adaptation and user customization. Taking the diverse application and market adaptation into account, we are developing technology and business opportunities within different areas.


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The fitness and gym market, covering training programs for elite sports professionals to the every-day trainer and specialty fitness.


The rehabilitation market will address rehabilitation patients from elderly to people with sport injuries. Close collaboration with doctors and physiotherapists are essential.


Utilizing the therapeutical effects, Jymmin could help stress affected individuals and substance users and be applied in anti-crime related programs.

Kids and Youth

Consumer products for home use and kindergardens.


Jymmin has assembled a lean team of experienced scientists, software and product engineers as well as seasoned business development professionals to advance the Jymmin technology platform and company.


Founder of Jymmin and brain researcher with a background in music technology
invention, leading the Max Planck work group Music Evoked Brain Plasticity at the Max Planck Institute for
Human Cognitive and Brain Science in Leipzig.


The teams audio-software programmer and bluetooth-protocol specialist, making sure you stay in the groove.


Psychologist specialized on clinical and health psychology. Co-coordinator of research addressing therapeutic applications of Jymmin at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Science. 


Our virtual reality and audio-software developer and special effects programmer for movies
and TV (e.g. Paramount Pictures, UFA).


Jymmin Co-founder and business developer, making sure our technology goes global. Thomas has a PhD in Neurobiology from the Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology in Munich and has consultancy and Venture Capital experience.


Jymmin's sensor technology developer and embedded
system programmer, transforming your movements into magic.


Open positions right now at Jymmin

Wir suchen Sport-Trainer/in für unser experimentelles Fitness-Studio in Leipzig, Vollzeit oder Teilzeit, wir bieten Sportstudio mit Trainingsgeräten, sowohl für Kurse und Gerätetraining geeignet, angestrebt ist eine Selbstständigkeit im Rahmen unseres Teams aus Wissenschaftlern und Techikern bei der wir beim Aufbau des Kundenstamms helfen und Aufträge vermitteln (e.g. für Kurse in anderen Fitness-Studios, Sportmessen).
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If you are interested in the Jymmin technology, want to learn more or of you really want to try it out, collaborate or have exciting ideas on how we can improve, then we would love to hear from you. Send us an e-mail and we will respond, as soon as we are done "jymmin".

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